Self-Help CD’s

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Break addictions and establish desirable habits by overcoming subconscious barriers in the mind.

Alcohol Addiction 

[box]This program is designed to help people realize they can overcome the need for alcohol to function in today’s society.[/box]

Anger Control 

[box]Most people feel their anger building.  This program will help you control before it escalates out of control.  Things are done and said during anger that we wish we could take back.  By listening to this tape you will learn to modify your anger and keep it under control.  If you or someone you know has an anger problem, (and they realize it!) this tape is a must![/box]

Becoming Lucky 

[box]Have you ever noticed when people are positive they seem to be luckier?  Becoming lucky is a state of mind.  This program will guide you through a positive mental attitude adjustment that will open up your possibilities to become lucky.[/box]

Becoming Organized 

[box]Organization is one of the most important aspects of any successful person.  It creates extra time in a day to allow yourself to do things that are important to you.  This tape will guide your subconscious into automatically putting things away, or at least where you can find them.  It will also eliminate clutter, and make it easier to dispose of no longer needed items.[/box]

Better Baseball 


Better Basketball 


Better Memory 

[box]This program will help you create a better memory by teaching you how to retrieve information already logged in your memory bank.  By tapping in to this process you will be amazed at how easy it is to remember things that are important.  The more you listen to the tape the easier and faster your memory will improve.[/box]

Better Soccer 


Controlling Migraines 

[box]This tape was designed for pain control for individuals that have been medically diagnosed with migraines.  It is in no way intended to be used in place of medication.  It will assist with controlling pain associated with migraines.  Stop your migraine before it starts.[/box]

Creative Thinking 

[box]This tape was originally designed for writers and musicians.  It has progressed over the years into a program that can help anyone think through a problem they are having.  Construction workers to major executives have benefited from listening to this tape.  When you’re stuck, let your imagination figure it out.[/box]

Fantastic Sex 

[box]This tape was designed to help overcome negative thoughts and feelings associated with sex.  It will naturally open your imagination and your creativity with a willing partner.  You will find that you and your partner will enjoy the results of this program![/box]

Great Golf 


Increased Sales 

[box]If you are not the top salesperson in your organization this tape is for you.  You will learn motivate and stretch your abilities to increase production, make more calls, and more sales.[/box]

Pain Control 

[box]This tape is not meant to be a substitution for medical attention.  If you have been injured and treated by a physician but still in pain, then this tape can help you.  You don’t need to live with pain any longer[/box]

Passing Exams 

[box]The majority of people today have a fear of taking exams.  This fear causes stress and anxiety that makes a person unsure of their answers and abilities.  This tape was designed to help overcome this fear and help you relax and let the knowledge flow.  If you haven’t learned the material however, the tape will not help you!  (Try the “Study Habits” tape first.)[/box]

Self Confidence 

[box]If you are shy or timid this tape can help you.  If people realize how important and good they are, self confidence will automatically happen.  This program will remind you of all the natural abilities you have and guide you through ways to express those abilities in a confident manor, at home or at work.[/box]

Self Motivation 

[box]Imagine being motivated the moment you wake up in the morning!  You will feel energized, and ready to accomplish any goals you set for yourself.  This tape will help you stay positive and focused realizing you can do anything you put your mind to.[/box]

Stop Chewing 

[box]We use a revolutionary (green) dot system to help you eliminate the need and desire to chew tobacco[/box]

Stop Lying & Cheating 

[box]This tape is designed this tape is designed to help people STOP lying and cheating.  Many times a person tries to find an easy way out of a situation which carries this problem, by doing so, the problem grows bigger and bigger.  This tape will help you face this problem and resolve the issues eliminating the reasons to lie or cheat.[/box]

Stop Nail Biting 

[box]Over come the urge of biting your nails.  You will be amazed when your nails grow to become beautiful and healthy.[/box]

Stop Smoking 

[box]A revolutionary (blue) color dot system designed to overcome smoking habits and nicotine addiction. Now you can benefit from Jerry’s knowledge of the tobacco industry as a cigarette representative for 8 years. This cassette tape will help eliminate all the known programming the tobacco companies have used for numerous years and help you move forward to a happier, healthier life.[/box]

Stress Management 

[box]The primary reason I became involved with hypnosis was for stress management. This program will guide you through the relaxation process that will leave you feeling wonderful and refreshed. You will learn to control your stress and tension level forever.[/box]

Study Habits 

[box]This program will help you focus your attention and concentration on the material you are trying to learn. You will create a quite mental time and space to study, thus eliminating wasted study time. You will learn faster therefore learning more in the same period of time. Whether you are an executive or a student, you can benefit from this tape.[/box]

Weight Reduction 

[box]A revolutionary (red) dot system that assists you in reducing weight by changing your eating habits. Obtain permanent results in as little as 21 days without starving yourself.[/box]